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Say Cheese by athravan Say Cheese by athravan
Mwahahah. I love my tablet. This is art from my Division story- found here = [link] It's rough and kinda shoddy, but i think it's got character! (and yeah i was too lazy to draw real clothes. heh.)

the one on the left is Kyubi (the nine-tails fox demon) and the one on the right is Naruto. as Naruto would have been if he hadn't been given the seal. Make sense?

hehehe. I would've drawn Sasuke in there...but he's hiding. (kyubi wants to eat him. in a bad sexual way. XD )
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Sukera Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009
I really loved that story, any chance you might ever go back to it to keep it going? Ya stopped at such a cliffhanger.
KrazyNaoko Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008  Student General Artist
Need I say who awsome you are yet again?

Yeah, thought so.

I can't freaking draw no freaking bishi... Damn me and mo originaly...ness...

Love the art!

Krayz Naoko-chan!
the-true-Freya Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2007  Hobbyist
I just LOVE your story! I'm wondering when you'll update XD oh and instant fav on the art <3
BoBoSkiRottn Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007
awesome pix!! but the link no work.
Me-very-insecure Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2006

the link isn't working...
Lee-san-Onee-san Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2006
>w< I love this fan fic ^^ sexy pic OwO
taijimana Featured By Owner May 7, 2004
mmmm I wanna eat all three of them! :drool: Nice art and great story, I love how you potraied Kyuubi damn horny Kitsune haha XD
Looking forward to more ^^
kiwii Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Ooohhh...I am sooooo having visuals of Kyubi having his wicked way with Sasuke...
Ooooohhh...the yummyness!!! *whimpers* :faint:

The should draw it...the 'eating' >D
Camena Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004
...yeah...I broke down and read the damn story and once again I'm addicted to another one of your stories, driving myself insane wondering when the hell your going to update...

....damn you and your amazingness....
biccy Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2004
Heheh that's so cute
VampiaZee Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2004
i loved your fic xDDD it was kinda hard to picture Naruto without his whisker scar thingies but now i see this xDD ....and its still hard to picture xDD *is a loser* anyways i love this *____* (adds to faves)
Ephon Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004  Hobbyist Artist
nice work :)
saphirekoshiro Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
You are god. this makes me love Naruto even more..*drools and read sthe fic, adn +favies it*
lavonne Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
*molests naruto* he is so georgeous!! and i cant spell!! XP
KyuuketsukiKei Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
Aw... They're so cute & pretty. =9
songosai Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
OH my god, it's like a seme and uke Naruto set. Sasuke, you lucky boi! Now that would make a great Christmas gift!
syenite Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
oi SASUKE, COME OUT, NOW >D :devilish:

d00d. kyubi is hoshezzy.. and naruto's just adorable. their poses are cool too, especially the way kyubi's leaning against the wall, and naruto looking oh-so-innocently at us.

*bangs pots and pans* sasuukkee~! kyubi's hungry! come out!
pika Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
But now that you have the idea, why don't you draw that kyuubi eati..gnh.. *slaps herself* XD Naruto without that demon looks so innocent.. Oh my head!! It's going to explode @@;
randominity Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
*gnaws on kyuubi!naruto*
they are so freaking gorgeous!
i love Naruto alot!
*lots of priase in your direction*
page-of-wands Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
Awww, the blue-eyed Naruto is so cute and sweet!! (he just screams "uke!!" =D) And the Kyubi is fiiiine ^__~ I really love how you draw eyes (redness=cool!!!), and how he's showing lots of attitude ^o^ Wicked XD
*runs off to read fic*
pootoo Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
aw.. both cuties! I like their eyes!
hokuto Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004


I want them. I WANT THEM BOTH. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmgood. =d

Has Division updated since you put the link in your LJ? (Because my computer is dead and I haven't been able to check. x.x)
athravan Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004   Photographer
there's a chapter two, yes! :D
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February 4, 2004
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